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What are the performance figures of a hang glider?


A modern hang glider compares very well with the performance of that of large birds. The wing loadings are much the same and many times we have flown side by side with our real bird counterparts. The big advantage they still have is we can't flap our wings when there is no lift around! The glide ratio of a top performing class 1 hang glider is 16/1. This means for every 16 units traveled forward one unit is traveled down. For class 2 hang gliders it is usually more but the down side is the weight, ease of transport and use, and costs involved. They vary from 16/1 to the Swift wing that boasts an impressive 27/1 glide! The best Sink-rates are in the 140ft/min to 180ft/min range. (1 to 0.7m/s.) Speed envelope varies anything between 20km/hour for stall speed to 160km/h max speed for class 1 hang gliders.