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How high can one fly in a hang glider?


In South Africa we have been granted permission by the Commissioner of Civil Aviation to fly up to 19500 ft above sea level in uncontrolled airspace. Generally pilots climb to 12 to 16000ft asl in thermal lift, spending time around 6- 8 000ft above ground. The world altitude gain record was setup in Kuruman, in the North Western Cape in SA, with a gain of 15400 ft, to just over 19 000ft. Unofficial altitude gains are in excess of 20 000ft! Basically on any given day if you see cumulus clouds around then it is almost always possible to climb to the base of the clouds in thermal lift.Climb rates vary from weak at around 1m/s to very strong at 10m/s! Some pilot have reported climbs in excess of 15m/s...